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hdmi cable
hdmi cable

LAN Wiring: Cat-6, Cat-5E and Cat-5 Patch Cable Assemblies, Jacks, Patch Panels & Bulk Cable

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Cat-5E & Cat-6 Patch Cable Assemblies, standard and custom lengths:

    Cat-5E Patch Cable Assemblies
    Cat-5E Plenum Patch Cable Assemblies 
    Cat-5E Shielded Patch Cable Assemblies
    Cat-5E Shielded Plenum Patch Cable Assemblies
    110 to 110 Cat-5E Patch Cable Assemblies
    110 to RJ-45 Cat-5E Patch Cable Assemblies
    Cat-6 Patch Cable Assemblies

Cat 5E & Cat 6 Jacks, Patch Panels, Hardware & Bulk Cable

Patch Panels

Cat-5E Patch Panels: 12 Port, 24 Port, 48 Port and 96 Port Cat-5E Patch Panels Bracket Mount with "110" Termination
Cat-6 Patch Panels: 12 Port, 24 Port, 48 Port and 96 Port Cat-6 Patch Panels
Keystone Patch Panels: 16 Port, 24 Port and 32 Port Keystone Blank Patch Panel
Wall Brackets

Jacks & Accessories
: Cat 5E Keystone Jack, Cat 5E Coupler Keystone / Panel Mount Style, Single and Dual Cat 5E Pre-Loaded Surface Jack, Network Splitters, Network Splitter Kit, Voice/Data Splitter, Cat 5E, 8 Conductor Modular Plug
Cat-6: Cat 6 Keystone Jack, Cat 6, 8 Conductor Modular Plug
Other: RJ-11/12 Keystone Jack, Keystone Flush Wallplate, Blank Keystone Insert, Keystone Single Surface Mount Box, Keystone Dual Surface Mount Box, Coax 'F' Coupler Keystone Mount, Fiber Optic ST Coupler Keystone Mount, Fiber Optic SC Coupler Keystone Mount, RJ-45 Snagless Boot, RJ-11/12, 6 Conductor Plug
Bulk Cable
350 MHz Cat-5E Bulk Cable, PVC and Plenum, Solid and Stranded Conductors, also Direct Bury
600 MHz Cat-6 Bulk Cable, PVC and Plenum, Solid and Stranded Conductors
Coax Bulk Cable, CATV / Satellite Coax RG6 Cable / RG-6 Quad Shield Bulk Cable
Speaker Cable, 2 and 4 Conductor Bulk Audiophile Speaker Cable
Cat-3 Bulk Cable, PVC and Plenum Bulk Cable

Our company also offers Cat5 ethernet cables and network installation parts. Please see below the cat5 products we offer:

Cat 5 Ethernet Cables and Installation Parts
Our company has made a powerful commitment to providing our customers with a full line of Fast Ethernet cables and accessories:

    100Base-TX Two Pair Category 5 Cables
    100Base-T4 Four Pair Category 5 Cables
    100Base-FX Multimode Fiber Cables
    MII Cables
    MII Transceivers

Standard Patch Cables
We manufacture and market a full line of Category 5 Patch Cables which meet all EIA/TIA requirements.

To ensure complete customer satisfaction, our patch cables are fully tested before they they are shipped out. A wide range of standard lengths is available:3' , 6', 10', 15', 25', 50', 75' and 100'. The colors we carry are : Beige, Black, White, Gray, Blue, Green, Red and Yellow

Custom Patch Cables
To completely fulfill specific requirements of our customers, we also manufacture custom Patch Cables, to match the colors and lengths desired in your installation.

Wall Plates & Jacks
We provide to our customers the widest variety of Cat5 Wall Plates
and Jacks:

    Keystone Wall Plates
    Blank Wall Plates
    Surface Mount Boxes
    Surface Mount Inserts

All our products are UL and CSA listed.

Patch Panels
We have available the widest variety of Category 5 Patch Panels from 12 port to 96 port varieties. Panels are UL listed and are wired in accordance with the EIA/TIA 568-B standard.

Custom Patch Panels
WE also manufactures Special Order & Custom Designed Patch Panels. This includes Patch Panels with RJ11, RJ12, RJ45 and Centronics-50 connectors. Just call our Technical Support group to discuss your specific needs.

Bulk Cable
We provide to our customers, large and small, the broadest variety of bulk cable, both solid and stranded

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