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Cisco Cable PictureOver the years, we have developed the engineering know-how and instituted advanced OEM cable manufacturing techniques to better serve our valued customers with the newest cables required by the explosive growth of the Internet and corporate intranets. We are now manufacturing the widest array of high-speed data communications and telecommunication cables for connecting equipment from top manufacturers such as:

     3Com, Adtran, Ascend
    Bay Networks, Black Box, Cisco
     Coastcom, Codex,
     Link, Dowty, Gandalf, GDC
    IBM, Kentrox, Larse
     Micom, Motorola, Newbridge
     Paradyne, Penril, Proteon
     Racal, RAD, Retix, Telco, Telebit
     Xyplex, UDS, Wellfleet

Our product range covers V.35, RS-422/449, RS232, RS-530, X.21, T1, T3, ATM, Ethernet, Token Ring, HSSI, MII, etc.

Please call our Sales Team with your specific requirements. We are sure we will provide you with precisely the right products at the best possible price.

We know our success is based on your satisfaction!

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