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hdmi cable

Ethernet Cable Assemblies & Accessories

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Cisco Cable PictureWe manufacture and  market a wide range of Ethernet cable assemblies and accessories: Gigabit Ehternet Cables, 10 Gigabit Fiber, Coaxial, Office Type Transceiver Drop cables, BNC Thinwire 10BASE2 cables, 10 BASE-T Category 3 & 4 Assemblies, etc.

Most of them are available in custom lengths, and, depending on project specifications, in PVC, plenum, or fiber optic.

Office Type Transceiver Drop cables
These cables are equivalent to the standard type of Transceiver Cable Assemblies used by the Ethernet Baseband Network, with one distinction: they are made with more flexible cable to connect computers in the inner offices of buildings.

Ethernet Card PictureBNC Thinwire 10BASE2 cables
Thinwire or Thinnet cable Assemblies offer an alternative cabling system to the Broadband Thicknet Assemblies that are the traditional coaxial medium of the Ethernet Broadband Network

10 BASE-T Category 3 & 4 Assemblies
We manufacture these assemblies in custom lengths and color-code them as required by various applications. 10 Base-T Octopus Cables are available in standard configurations. We also fabricate 10 Base-FL Fiber Optic Assemblies for any use, indoor or outdoor.

Fast Ethernet Cables, MII Cables
We manufacture and market a full line of Fast Ethernet cables, including Media Independent Interface (MII) cables and accessories:

     MII Cables
     MII Transceivers
     100Base-TX Two Pair Category 5 Cables
     100Base-T4 Four Pair Category 5 Cables
    Multimode Fiber Cables

Please call our Sales Team with your specific requirements. We are sure we will provide you with precisely the right products at the best possible price.

We know our success is based on your satisfaction!

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